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200 yards of line peeling off in seconds is a sound you’ll never forget. That’s the sound a 65-lb Tyee pounding your plug and tearing off, hell-bent for Asia. Then the real work begins, trying to coax that hog to the boat. And before long you start wishing you had spent a few more hours at the fitness center before the trip.

Salmon fishing at Black Gold Lodge is simply outstanding. There’s no other way to say it. Rivers Inlet, home to three major river systems, is teeming with giant chinook and fat coho, along with all other Pacific salmon species. The unique geography here stacks all the odds in your favor for the promise of an unforgettable fishing experience.

“Springs” (the Kilbella and Chuckwalla chinook) arrive in early June, with numbers increasing as the Wannock River stock appears. A second run starts mid- to late-July, peaking by mid-August. “Northerns” (coho) run from mid-July through September in such numbers than 20-30 fish days are not uncommon.

Take a look at our online fishing map, The area known as The Wall has probably produced more big fish than any other spot on the B.C. coast. Crows Nest, The Triangle, The Dome (nearby), and Cranstown Point have also been very productive. (When you arrive we’ll clue you in on some other hot spots that we like to keep quiet.)

Many of our guests have brought in trophies. Drop by our Trophy Room to see just a few.

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