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When it’s time to take a break from the salmon action, swing by the lodge for a change of tackle and hang out on the bottom for a while. Halibut fishing may not offer the same level of heart-pounding action as a fight with a good strong chinook, but fishermen who target halibut usually get the last laugh when they haul in a fish three times the weight of the day’s biggest salmon.

Don’t even try hoist these big suckers into the boat; just lash them to the stern and tow them in.

Just a few hundred yards from the lodge, out in the middle of goose bay, lie some of the biggest barn doors on the coast. You’ll find nice sandy bottom between Cow and Calf islands, and also off the shore of Open Bight (see our online fishing map). Visit to our Trophy Room to
see some of the big halibut that have come in from these fishing grounds.

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