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Rivers Inlet is undoubtedly among the most scenic and unspoiled places left on the earth. Located 300 miles north of Vancouver along the rugged Central Coast of British Columbia, it is accessible only by boat or sea-plane (the nearest road is (80 miles away). It is an area rich with wildlife, including bald eagles, orcas, river otters, courgars, bears, sea lions, and many other species.

Relaxing in the lounge
Where humpback whales are, you are sure to find salmon. Close-up whale encounters are frequent, even from the lodge. Who needs whale-watching tours?

And of course, there are salmon.

Rivers Inlet is where the majority of British Columbia’s largest salmon congregate on their way to the spawning grounds of three major river systems—and where they are actively feeding prior to the final leg of their run. Each summer, more 50 - 60 pound chinook are recorded in this 30 mile fjord than any other fishery in the province.

Our location at the mouth of the Inlet gives us the best and longest period of productive fishing, making it unnecessary to travel in larger boats to find more productive fishing areas.

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